Speaking & Press

On occasion, I’ve been asked to speak on panels, media, and to some wonderful podcasters in my adventurous 15+ year career – every day I feel like there are still so many interesting stories to share and discuss in this great community of cloud and games. Sometimes I look back at some and know my conclusions then are no longer accurate, but other times the lessons still resonate. I hope you laugh as much as I do at the SPEED of the games industry!

These days I speak on the following:

  • Infrastructure, DevOps, & CloudOps in Games
  • Engineering Leadership

I have spoken for GDC, SIEGE, AWS ReInvent, Mattel, QuickBooks, start-up events, and for multiple enterprise games companies. My favorite talk for infrastructure is accessible behind the GDC wall. I’ve included a few oldies about game development that aren’t in the above list from before my AWS & Zynga life when I ran a business for 6 years.

If you would like to invite me for your event – please note, I often need several months heads up and rarely take speaking engagements due to availability. I also prefer to stick to cloud & games infrastructure related topics these days as I’m currently spending the most time there.

Conferences, Podcasts, Panels

Press Articles

A sample of articles for work my teams’ have created or for which we were featured.